Visit to MILL: Makers in Little Lisbon

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As some of you have read in a previous blog post, on the 11th of February of 2016 I went to the Sigfox Maker Tour in Lisbon. Since I arrived at about 10AM I found myself alone in Lisbon with nothing to do until 2PM, when the Sigfox event would start. Gladly, there is an amazing maker space about a 20 minute walking distance from Startup Lisboa, where the Sigfox event would take place. That awesome maker space is called MILL: Makers in Little Lisbon.

I didn’t exactly knew where it was located but fortunately there is GPS and Google Maps to help and I went on my way from the Marquês de Pombal metro station. With GPS the path was easy, but those steep streets can get your legs a little tired… especially if you’re carrying a backpack and a toolcase. 🙂

MILL Entrance

When I arrived the door was closed but after ringing the door bell the door was finally opened and I went inside where Maurício Martins, the maker space owner was fixing a 3D printer. I already knew Maurício, from the Portuguese Makers Hangouts Episode 1, Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 and Lisbon Maker Faire 2015. Maurício was also one of the curators for the Lisbon Maker Faires and has been pushing the maker community forward in Lisbon for a long time now: first as an altLab member and now as the owner of MILL maker space. Along the way he has collaborated with a lot of other maker initiatives. He is also the owner of Leds and Chips store, which is also located at MILL. I think that’s a great combination to have maker space and a shop tied together. What’s better than be developing a project at a maker space and being able to buy the required supplies without having to leave or wait a few days (or a month!) for the items to arrive? 🙂

MILL Entrance

Maurício gave me a tour of the space right away and I was amazed with the space. It has an entrance lobby, a 3D printing area right next to it, an open space with a big workbench where the workshops take place, the Leds and Chips office and another room with some more tools like the Inventables Shapeoko CNC machine and some storage shelves.

MILL 3D Printing

It’s a makers dream with most of the tools that you can think of: 3D printers (lots and lots of them), CNC machine, laser cutter, 3D scanner, etc.. The amount and variety of 3D printers surely makes you feel in 3D printing heaven. Just to name a few, a remember seeing at least a BeePrusa, a bq Hephestos, two Witbox, one Ultimaker, one Formlabs, one Delta, some others that I don’t know the names (Prusa I2?) and of course, the huge YARR (Yet Another RepRap) that master maker Maurício built himself.

MILL 3D Printer

MILL FormLabs 3D Printer

MILL Ultimaker 3D Printer

MILL bq Hephestos 3D Printer

MILL YARR 3D Printer

MILL Delta and Witbox 3D Printers

MILL Laser Cutter

MILL Inventables Shapeoko CNC

I hope that someday eLab Hackerspace also grows into a space as big and as well equipped as MILL :).

I also met two other makers that were there developing their projects: building a 3D printer and building a Hydroponics controller. Since it was Thursday morning it was quite quiet but I can imagine that it probably gets very crowded at some other times of the day/week. At least MILL has everything to be a place where all sorts of makers can gather and make projects together and share ideas.

I stayed there all morning talking to Maurício and then I finally had to leave to eat something before the Sigfox workshop.

If you’re going to Lisbon, make sure you take some time to visit MILL and meet Maurício who has probably seen most types of hobby 3D printers, has developed and contributed to a lot of great projects and has a lot of experience to share. Here’s the address:

To finish this post, I’m leaving the full set of photos I took and I would like to congratulate Maurício for his path in the Maker scene and for creating such an amazing space as MILL! 🙂 Also, thank you for everything! I’ll surely visit MILL again when I get the chance. 🙂

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