3D Printed DNA Lamp on Make Magazine 48: Congratulations João!

This is a “Congratulations” post to a friend, Master Maker and eLab Hackerspace co-founder: João Duarte! He just got his stunning 3D Printed DNA Lamp published at Make Magazine Volume 48! (First project by a Portuguese maker being featured on a Make Magazine, ever? 🙂 )

3d printed dna lamp make magazine

3d printed dna lamp make magazine

João is one of the most skilled makers I know and totally deserves this recognition. The 3D Printed DNA Lamp had already won a Grand Prize at the 3D Printing Contest on Instructables.com. João also won prizes at Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 with his awesome Tesla Coil and the Best Scientific Project award at Maker Faire Lisbon 2015 with his amazing Ion Thruster.

Although Make Magazine only shows one of his great projects, I’ve seen many other projects from him that could easily fill much more space in the magazine 🙂 And he doesn’t only make great projects, he also makes amazingly detailed documentation about all of his projects (check his blog: The Fragmentation Paradox). I wish I had his documentations skills. 🙂 Also, he has been doing a great work at eLab Hackerspace since day one, being one of the main persons responsible for all the great things that happened at eLab Hackerspace so far.

So, once more, Congratulations João! Hope to keep having the privilege of seeing you developing great projects!

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