Portuguese Makers Hangout – Lisbon Maker Faire Special Edition

Hi! 🙂
This post is just to let you know that tonight, at 10:00 PM (Portuguese time) you’ll be able to watch the live stream of the Portuguese Makers Hangout, Lisbon Maker Faire Special Edition. This Hangout will have much more participants than usual since all the curators are going to participate 🙂 . In case you didn’t see my previous post, here’s the list of curators:
  • André Almeida – co-founder of Artica;
  • Celso Martinho – CEO and co-founder of SAPO;
  • Eduardo Pinto – Head of Innovation and R&D departments at SAPO;
  • Ferdinand Meier – worker at Fablab EDP and active member of altlab, Lisbon’s Hackerspace.
  • Filipe Valpereiro – founder of Inmotion;
  • Francisco Mendes – co-founder of BeeVeryCreative, producer of the awesome BeeTheFirst 3D printer;
  • Gonçalo Lopes – PhD student in Neuroscience at Champalimaud Foundation;
  • Hugo Silva – co-founder at PLUX and one of the minds behind Bitalino;
  • Leonel Alegre – project manager at Ciência Viva;
  • Mário Saleiro (yep, that’s me 🙂 ) – PhD student studying computer vision and cognitive robotics, co-founder of eLab Hackerspace (Faro),  and author of this blog that you’re reading 🙂 ;
  • Maurício Martins – owner of Leds&Chips and currently working with Dóing.
The objective will be to share with you all the info about the event and, much more important, to make a session of questions and answers (Q&A) with everyone that will be watching the hangout, especially the makers that want to show their projects at the Maker Faire but still have any doubts. 
To watch and participate in the Hangout just follow this link
Make sure you don’t miss it and share it with all of your friends! Hope to “see you” there! 🙂 

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Take care! 🙂

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