Video of Portuguese Makers Hangouts – Lisbon Maker Faire Special Edition

Hi everyone 🙂
As I said in my previous post, the Portuguese Makers Hangouts – Lisbon Maker Faire Special Edition was live on the 23rd of July. This hangout was specially interesting because there was a very big participation from the audience. For 2 hours the portuguese makers asked their questions and made their suggestions to the curators, who made their best effort to clear all the doubts and give some information on what has been going on and some stuff that will be happening at the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire. The Lisbon Maker Faire curators that participated in this hangout were: Francisco Mendes, maker of the beautiful BeeTheFirst 3D Printer; Maurício Martins, from altLab and Leds and Chips store; Hugo Silva, maker of Bitalino; Filipe Valpereiro, from; Celso Martinho, from Sapo and organizer of the Portuguese Makers Hangouts; and myself.
I was pleased to see so many makers from the whole country participating in the live chat and hope the next hangouts keep this level of participation 🙂 A special thanks to all the eLab Hackerspace members who participated! 🙂 Below you can see the video of the Hangout. By the way, if you couldn’t submit your project before, you can still show it: although the Call for Makers deadline has already passed, you can still submit a talk about your project since the Call for Speakers is still open! 

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