Portuguese Makers Hangout – Episode 6

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This post is just to let you know that tonight, at 10:00 PM (Portuguese time) you’ll be able to watch the live stream of the 6th Episode of the Portuguese Makers Hangouts.
The purpose of these Hangouts is to gather the Portuguese Makers and get the world to know about their talents and their projects. They are used to share experiences and create contents around the best of the DIY/Make scene in our country.
From 3 to 5 participants are invited for each hangout and their goal is to show the audience their creations, talk about the problems and challenges they had while building them and their lessons learned. Live demos are usually provided :).

Anything that mixes creativity and art with technology counts. A robot, a quadcopter, a cool gadget, a 3D printer, a new technique or material, anything that comes out of the inventor’s obsession to create things will do.
All the hangouts are recorded, saved, and made available on as many channels as possible. Currently, the Portuguese Makers Community is aiming to do an Hangout every month, but this might change (for the best).

In this hangout we’ll have three Makers sharing their experiences and showing their projects:

  • Gonçalo Lopes received his BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 2006. In the same year, he joined the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CENTRIA) to study computational models of cognition. At the same time he joined the YLabs, YDreams R&D division, where he conducted applied research in man-machine interfaces, computer vision, parallel processing and autonomous agents. He was also one of the lead architects behind the YVision general purpose software composition framework. In the next step of his quest to build an intelligent machine, Gonçalo joined the Champalimaud Foundation’s Neuroscience PhD Programme in 2010 and his now working with Adam Kampff and Joe Paton to understand how brains build models of the world.

  • Luis Correia has been connected with electronics since 80’s and computers from 1988 onwards. No toys have survived his childhood, as the urge to see how they worked on the inside. Started hundreds of projects that never saw daylight and lately he has been seen toying around with Arduinos and Raspberry PI’s. From bicopters to tricopters, crazy contraptions with LED’s, bringing life to dead macbook and other devices, making and fixing stuff, his days go by with interesting things to do. Software development started with ZX Spectrum Basic and Z80 assembler, then Pascal and simple x86 assembler. Today his weapon of choice can be PHP, VBS or Java for Android, depending on the victim. The skills aren’t restricted to computer stuff and someone has called him a Jack-of-all-Trades. This has not been confirmed yet. He uses Linux in his computers but no one knows why.

  • José Ismael Graça has a degree in Systems Engineering and Informatics and a specialization in Information Systems, with professional experience as an Information Systems Manager, has also been an invited Assistant Professor. He is currently Head of the Innovation and Knowledge Unit in the municipality of Vila Verde, coordinator of the project ”Casa do Conhecimento” (Knowledge House). The Knowledge House is an initiative that aims to the digital inclusion of people in the Information Society by enhancing their skills and qualifications, in a creative and innovative environment for the enjoyment of technology in learning, citizenship, leisure or work contexts. He has a particular interest in technological innovation in the public sector, especially in new technologies such as digital electronics, robotic modules, 3D printing, free software, etc, with which we can make digital artifacts that can serve to create, innovate, learn and play.

The live feed will begin today, 5th of december, at 22:00 Lisbon Time. You can confirm your attendance to the event here on G+. Share this event with everyone that may be interested :).
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