RaspEdu, the basics of Raspberry Pi for Educators and Professors

Raspberry Pi for Educators
Hi! Following my previous post regarding the Educational Robotics system that I developed with K6 professor Bruna Carmo where I use a Raspberry Pi as a multi-robot controller, I’m now going to share with you RaspEdu, an academic project by students Alexandra Cardoso, Edgar Costa and Graça Sousa from the Informatics Teaching Master course at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. It was sent to me by one of its authors, Edgar Costa. The project consists in a webpage containing all the basic knowledge about the Raspberry Pi that educators must know in order to start using it in classrooms: what it is, how to get it working, how to configure it and how to get started with several programming tools like Python, Scratch, Squeak, KidsRuby and SQLite. The website is completely written in Portuguese, so you should use Google Translator to read it in case you can’t read Portuguese. I think it is fairly well documented and can become a valuable resource to encourage Portuguese-speaking educators to use the Raspberry Pi in their classrooms. As such, I decided to share it with all of you! 🙂 
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