Sapo Codebits VII

Today I’m going to tell you about the major (and only?) event in the Maker/Hacker scene in Portugal. SAPO Codebits is a Hackathon held in Portugal annually, organized and sponsored by SAPO. The event lasts 3 days, runs for 24 hours a day and includes talks, a programming contest and several sattelite activities. It started in 2007 as an event focused mostly on software, but recently has been including more and more hardware stuff like arcade machines, 3D printers, Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos, robots and other interesting stuff. Last year there was even a talk by Rob Bishop, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is getting bigger and bigger every year, and the next edition will happen simultaneously in Portugal and Brazil! How cool is that? 😀 Unfortunately I never managed to get time to attend the previous editions 🙁 Let’s see if this year I manage to make some space in my agenda 😛
In order to attend, first you must apply and give some info about you to prove that you’re worthy of attending such an awesome event 🙂 The selection process has the objective of keeping the event a tech-people-only and keep out people from marketing and recruitment from outside IT. 
Once you get accepted you’ll be able to attend talks, participate on other sattelite activities and enter the 24 hour programming contest which has some rules:
  • Each person can only be part of one team;
  • Each team can only present one project;
  • Each team must comprise at least two elements;
  • If you’re presenting a web project, you must provide a URL for the jury to give it a try;
  • Projects must be initiated and developed during Codebits.
The next edition of the event, Codebits VII, will happen from the 10th to the 12th of April in Lisbon, Portugal, and from the 11th to the 13th in São Paulo, Brazil. The applications have not opened yet, but it souldn’t take too long. I suggest you to keep an eye on the Codebits website if want to apply! 🙂 
Good luck!

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