Product Review #1: Genius Luxemate i202

genius luxemate i202 keyboard
Some time ago I began needing for a new keyboard and started looking for one. I had some requirements in mind: it had to be compact (no numeric keypad), with chiclet keys and preferably, should have the same layout as my laptop’s keyboard, having a column on the right with the Delete, Home, Page Up, Page Down and End keys.
After searching for a while I bought the new Genius Luxemate i202. In the Genius website they describe it as having “Apple-like” keycaps but if you’re expecting a keyboard with scissor-switch switches like the Apple keyboard and laptop keyboards, forget it… it’s a rubbed dome keyboard. Taking the low price (about 12€) into account, it would be asking too much for it to have scissor-switch switches. 😛 However, I still consider it a decent, usable keyboard. Although the rubber dome keys, it has an acceptable tactile and audible feedback (but of course, nothing close to a fully mechanical keyboard 🙂 ). Despite its compact form factor, it is a little bulkier than the Apple keyboard. The keyboard looks stylish but its glossy plastic has the known problem of being a fingerprint magnet. One thing that I liked was the existence of 12 function keys that can be quite handy (mostly if you configure them to do whatever you want). One think that I disliked was the fact that it has two Window$ keys and no Menu key, which I use very often (I ended up remapping the Right windows key to become the Menu key 🙂 See how to remap keyboard keys here). 
Below you can see some pics of the keyboard and also a small video where you can listen to the noise and the see the key travel necessary to make a keypress.

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To finish this short review, if you’re looking for a cheap, compact keyboard, I strongly recommend it. If you’re looking for a scissor-switch keyboard, then you’ll have to spend a a few more money on another keyboard.

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