Portuguese Makers Hangout – Episode 5

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This post is just to let you know that tonight, at 10:00 PM (Portuguese time) you’ll be able to watch the live stream of the 5th Episode of the Portuguese Makers Hangouts.
The purpose of these Hangouts is to gather the Portuguese Makers and get the world to know about their talents and their projects. They are used to share experiences and create contents around the best of the DIY/Make scene in our country.
From 3 to 5 participants are invited for each hangout and their goal is to show the audience their creations, talk about the problems and challenges they had while building them and their lessons learned. Live demos are usually provided :).

Anything that mixes creativity and art with technology counts. A robot, a quadcopter, a cool gadget, a 3D printer, a new technique or material, anything that comes out of the inventor’s obsession to create things will do.
All the hangouts are recorded, saved, and made available on as many channels as possible. Currently, the Portuguese Makers Community is aiming to do an Hangout every month, but this might change (for the best).

In this hangout we’ll have three Makers sharing their experiences and showing their projects:

  • Guilherme Martins used to be a specialist in the creation of visual contents for stage performances. From 2006 to 2010, his visual creations have been used in dance, opera, theater and live performances. In the past has also worked as a visual designer for several internationally renowned agencies, such as Ogilvy Interactive and YDreams. Today, in his tireless search for new forms of artistic expression, Guilherme became interested in electronics and robotics and what he would eventually call “Creative Robotics”. In 2011 co-founded ArticaCC with his friend André Almeida, together they blend art and engineering in the search of unique products, services, and user experiences.
  • Ferdinand Meier is a 35 year old mechanical engineer from Munich, Germany. He finished his degree in the year 2005 at the “Munich University of Applied Sciences”. He gained professional experience working at: MTU Aero Engines, aeronautical industry; INNOMED GmbH, medical engineering; KD-Ingenieurtechnik, design of high precision parts for aerospace industry; and IGEL AG, design of basic engine parts for BMW. He worked in Barcelona in the design of parametric family parts in Autodesk Revit and spent a year with the artist community “alg-a”. Right now he is doing a PhD at the MIT-Portugal in Sustainable Energy Systems, working at the fablab EDP in Lisbon and just received his diploma for the FabAcademy at fab9 in Yokohama. He is also an active member of Lisbons hackerspace “altlab”, with focus on digital fabrication and energy related topics.
  • Rui Marcelino is all about Robotics. Both amateur and professional. In amateur projects he likes to do its own stuff including the three sides of the Machine-triangle: Mechanics, Electronics and Logic/ Coding. Started the first autonomous robot about 20 years ago and fully made out of salvage parts… And never stopped since! Loves ‘simple’ solutions applying high tech with low resources. Attended the National Robotics competition (CNR – Concurso Nacional de Robótica) in 2008. He was the first one member team on CNR, first non university or school associated participant, and first non funded or financially supported member in the competition. Photos here. Rui is currently coordinating Altlab, Lisbon’s Hackerspace.

The live feed will begin today, 16th of October, at 22:00 Lisbon Time. You can confirm your attendance to the event here on G+. Share this event with everyone that may be interested :).
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