How to Download all photos from your Picasa account in Ubuntu

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This short post follows my recent post on How to Download Complete Albums from Picasa in Ubuntu. A blog reader asked on the blog’s facebook page on how could he download all the photos and after a short research I found the solution.

download all photos from picasa user

To download the entire photo set from a specific user you’ll need to have two programs installed: Mozilla Firefox and the Firefox extension DownthemAll. In a short way, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox;
  2. Install the Firefox extension DownthemAll;
  3. Open the following link in Firefox:

    You’ll have to replace the “USERNAME” part with the correct username. The last parameter of the RSS link, “1000”, means that the feed will have up to 1000 photos. If you have more pictures than that, just change it to a value that suits your needs.

  4. Right click anywhere in the page, select DownThemAll and then the Links tab. The Pictures and Media stuff are just thumbnails.
  5. Make sure the JPEG images filter is selected, choose the destination folder and click Start

After this process you should have the selected user’s complete photo set being downloaded into your hard drive. Easy, isn’t it? 🙂

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