Steve Jobs Biography: must read!

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This post is going to be a little different from the usual posts. This time I’ll make a short post about an excellent book that I’ve just finished reading: the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.
And before you think it, no, I’m not an Apple fanboy nor I am against it. I’ve been using linux for some years now and I will keep myself as being a proud linux user :P. I enjoy my freedom to do whatever I want with my computer and the feeling of being learning something new (almost) every time I use my computer. 🙂 I will not enter the “Apple vs Window$ vs Linux” domain since this post is about a great book, not about the typical flame wars that flood the internet every day.
Sticking to the title of this post, if you like technology, computing, innovation, and leadership, then you should definitely read this book. Although the name of the book is the biography of Steve Jobs, it is much more than that. You even forget it is a man’s biography because it features lots of cool things such as the history of modern personal computers, music players and cell phones. By reading it you’ll get to know how it all started, who were the creators and the geniuses behind the great innovations that led to existence of the device that you’re using to read this blog today.

When it comes to the parts of the book that talk about the controversial genius that Steve Jobs was, there are also many things that you can learn regarding success, leadership, motivation, inspiration, among others. You’ll also get to know about Steve’s “Reality Distortion Field”, which was an ability that he had to inspire others into believing that they could achieve things that seemed impossible for them at start.
As you can probably guess from this review, I don’t usually read this kind of books. That’s also the first time I’m doing a review about a book and I’m sure I’m doing an awful job and not making justice to the book at all. However, I thought that I should write something about a book that inspired me, motivated me, and taught me so many things about perfectionism, success, belief, hard work and leadership. I think this should be a mandatory reading for every technology student.
Steve Jobs was known to be a great leader because he inspired and let others to believe in making what seemed impossible. He’s dead now, and yet, he continues inspiring people all over the world.
Basically, read the book! I’m sure you won’t regret it by the time you’re still in the middle of it 🙂
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