How to Download Complete Albums from Picasa in Ubuntu

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As you might have already noticed, all the photos used in this blog are stored in Picasa Web albums which was the photo service that, in my opinion, is the winner in a Flickr vs Picasa battle (see the Picasa/Flickr comparison post here). However, I don’t have Picasa installed and sometimes I just have the need to download an entire album. An option would be to download the photos, one by one, but, gladly, there is an easy workaround to get a complete album. 🙂
download albuns from Picasa with DownThemAll

To do the workaround that I’m going to describe you’ll need to have two programs installed: Mozilla Firefox and the Firefox extension DownthemAll. In a short way, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox;
  2. Install the Firefox extension DownthemAll;
  3. Go to the page of the Picasa album that you wish to download and click the RSS link on the right;
  4. When the RSS page opens, add “&imgmax=d”, without quotes, to the end of the URL and then reload the page. Doing this will allow you to download the images in their original sizes.
  5. Right click anywhere in the page, select DownThemAll and then the Links tab. The Pictures and Media stuff are just thumbnails.
  6. Make sure the JPEG images filter is selected, choose the destination folder and click Start

After this process you should have the entire album being downloaded into your hard drive. Easy, isn’t it? 🙂

Take care! 🙂

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