Pictobrowser, a great slideshow for Flickr and Picasa

Hi! When I was setting up the previous  version of “the BiT Bang Theory blog” in Blogger I had to make some choices. One of them was which free image hosting to use, Picasa Web Albums or Flickr? I ended up choosing Picasa Web Albums (if you’re wondering why, check the link). With this choice, I had to make another one: which slideshow should I use? Well, I could just use the slideshows from Picasa but, honestly, they look very ugly and do not fit into the blog’s color scheme. They should have added some options to customize them. After some searching through the web I found two slideshows that I really liked. The one I liked the most is the one featured on the title of this post: Pictobrowser.
pictobrowser slideshow
Pictobrowser can be used with Picasa Web Albums and Flickr. Besides being a slideshow it also allows  readers to browse through the photos. It’s really good looking and easy to setup: just go to the page, insert your Picasa/Flickr username, browse which album or tag you want to use and you’re done! 🙂 You can still customize some things at the end! All the slideshows used in the previous version of this blog are made with it. Here’s one with the blog’s Picasa Photostream:
Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

 The other slideshow that I liked and was also being used in the previous version of this blog to show the Picasa Photostream on the right is Prac’s looping Picasa simple slideshow gadget. It’s very simple and clean. To use it it’s a little more difficult, but not too much. You just have to create a new gadget in your blog layout and paste the code provided in the link. Then you must replace the album part of the code. If you want to know more follow the link provided and there you’ll find all the info to use it.
This is it! Hope that it may be useful for you 🙂

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