New Publication: Multi-scale cortical keypoints for realtime hand tracking and gesture recognition

Hi! This post is just to let you know that there is a new publication in the Publications page named Multi-scale cortical keypoints for realtime hand tracking and gesture recognition. It was presented in the 1st International Workshop on Cognitive Assistive Systems: closing the Action-Perception Loop, held in conjunction with IROS2012.
gesture recognition
Here’s the abstract:
“Human-robot interaction is an interdisciplinary research area which aims at integrating human factors, cognitive psychology and robot technology. The ultimate goal is the development of social robots. These robots are expected to work in human environments, and to understand behavior of persons through gestures and body movements. In this paper we present a biological and realtime framework for detecting and tracking hands. This framework is based on keypoints extracted from cortical V1 end-stopped cells. Detected keypoints and the cells’ responses are used to classify the junction type. By combining annotated keypoints in a hierarchical, multi-scale tree structure, moving and deformable hands can be segregated, their movements can be obtained, and they can be tracked over time. By using hand templates with keypoints at only two scales, a hand’s gestures can be recognized.”
If you wish you can download it in the Publications page or just click here.
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