How to view the processor information in Linux

Hi everyone! This is going to be a really short post but I think that someday it may be useful for you like it is for me. Sometimes friends, family or strangers give me/throw away old/damaged computers (some aren’t damaged at all and can be fixed by formatting the hard drive 🙂 ).  Whenever I get my hands in one of these computers I want to find out about the specs of the hardware. In this post I’ll show you how to get info about the processor if you have a running computer. Basically, start a console and run:
cat /proc/cpuinfo
and you’ll get all the info about the CPU, just like shown in the image below 🙂 .
processor information with cpuinfo
If you don’t need all of the CPU information you can also use a simpler command which will provide you the essential info:

processor information with lscpu

I hope it’s useful for you 🙂 Take care!

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